Mercury Downloads

The following versions of Mercury are currently available. Each tarball is between 40MB and 60MB in size.

Stable versions

14.01.1 Release (current stable release)

Source distribution: mercury-srcdist-14.01.1.tar.gz with release notes

Debian packages: complete instructions.

deb DISTRO main
deb-src DISTRO main

14.01 Release (previous stable release)

Source distribution: mercury-srcdist-14.01.tar.gz with release notes

20.01 beta versions

20.01 beta (next stable release)

Release Notes

Latest 20.01 beta:

Older 20.01 betas:

ROTD versions

Test results for the most recent ROTDs can be found here.

Latest ROTD:

Older ROTDs:

Windows binaries

Current release:

Historical versions of Mercury

If you're looking for an older version of Mercury please check our Archives.